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The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a catch-cry of innovative ideas turned into real-life applications that analysts have forecasted will change the world by the billions. However, behind every IoT device, solution and service created and delivered, is a group of passionate people, a team, a person who helped make it happen.

In these pages, we bring to you interesting insights, opinions and experiences, not only from the voices involved in the industry, but also from people across different fields who have an avid interest, comment or perspective to share on IoT & Smart Cities. Welcome to the Voice of IoT.

September 2020

The Voices of the Month

Peter Monte

CEO. Sitasys AG. Schweiz

«Digital Transformation is one of the most exciting experiences I have made for the Security Industry.»

Marc Eschler

Expert. pom+Consulting AG. Schweiz

«Linking systems and people prepare the way for new value chains and business models.»

Jost Ettlin

CO-Owner, VRP. e. Luterbach AG. Schweiz

«Industrial plant engineering is being revolutionized by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)»

Our Voices of IoT

We are proud to be supported by the following people who have already shared with us their unique views and experiences on the topic of IoT & Smart City. Be sure to visit us periodically as every month we present new Voices of IoT.
Alix Paultre
July 2020


Regional Commercial Manager
Brunata Italy
Marco van Schagen
July 2020

van Schagen

Founder of Junior IOT, The Netherlands
July 2020


Co-Founder of Junior IOT International
Frank Fischer
July 2020


CEO, Adeunis
Alix Paultre
July 2020


Writer, Editor, Technologist
Christoph Zurflüh
August 2020


Gebietsmanager LuzernNord
Alix Paultre

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