Better Together. Because no-one can do everything

Like a Swiss watch, where the perfect interplay of parts offers more than just showing the time. This is the essence of Better Together: Joining synergies from partners to create excellent IoT solutions. In this way, everyone benefits from each other's offer and can focus on their own specialty.

Together we make the IoT world better

A good IoT solution consists of different parts. The user expects the finished solution to work straight out-of-the-box, without complexity. Together we can do just that.

How can you contribute? There are 4 ways

1. You are an IoT Device Provider

  • You send us one of your devices or give us access to your sensor data in an alternate way.
  • We integrate it into the Switzercloud. This means we write the parser and create the visualization.
  • In addition to using your device, your customer automatically gets data visualisation.
The Result
Customers can see and select your devices directly in the Switzercloud. Not only can they can visualize their data, they can create reports and set up notifications.

2. You are an IoT Connectivity Provider

You either operate your own network with gateways, or have a network server on offer. Regardless whether LoRaWAN® or Sigfox.
The Process
  • You send us the documentation on how to connect to your network server.
  • We create the interface between your network server and the Switzercloud.
  • In addition to connectivity, your customer gets data processing and the option to visualise their data.
The Result
Customers can choose your connectivity directly on the Switzercloud. Their data is sent from your network server to the Switzercloud. There, customer data is visualized and furthermore, customers gain access to many other powerful features.

3. You are an IoT Software Provider

Either you offer IoT middleware for processing IoT data or an end application for visualizing this data
The Process
  • We share our portfolio of IoT devices with you such as energy meters, water meters, climate sensors and many others.
  • We send you documentation on connection options possible between your software and the Switzercloud.
  • You build the interface between the Switzercloud and your software.
Your Advantage
  • Customers get access to a wide range of IoT devices to choose from for their solutions.
  • Customers have ready-made interfaces into IoT networks such as LoRaWAN, Sigfox and others.
The Result
Your customers continue to use your software and, using the Switzercloud portfolio, they implement their IoT solutions more simply, more efficiently and in a scalable way.

4. You are an IoT Solutions Integrator

The Process
  • We show you what the Switzercloud can do.
  • You use the Switzercloud as an IoT tool to build your own solutions for your customers.
Your Advantage
  • You save time, resources and other investments in building software, interfaces and other individual parts that are needed for an IoT business.
The Result
Your customer gets the entire IoT solution from a single source. You.

Better Together in the Minol-ZENNER-Group

Inside the Minol-ZENNER group there are several companies that deal with IoT. Be it with IoT devices, connectivity, various IoT platforms or end applications. The entire group works according to the "Better Together" model thereby creating added value for customers, partners and, last but not least, for itself. Brunata AG is the owner and provider of the Switzercloud, and also proudly belongs to the Minol-ZENNER Group.

Our Ecosystem

We count the following companies among our partners who are already making the IoT world better with us. Better Together. Because no-one can do everything.

What can you contribute?

Are you a provider of IoT devices or is your world more on the software side? No matter. If you think that the Switzercloud could help improve your offer, then get in touch and let's talk about it.

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