The IoT solutions on the Switzercloud.

With the Switzercloud the choice is in your hands. You can purchase finished IoT applications with the Switzercloud promise of Unpack, Plug-In, Start!, or use the Switzercloud as your IoT toolkit to simply build the solutions yourself. In both models, your business is positioned as an IoT service provider and everything required comes from a single source to your customer. That's why the Switzercloud is the ideal choice for utilities, facility management providers and other integrators.

Unpack. Plug-in. Start!

Our solutions are already fully developed and available to you and your customers as a complete end-to-end solution. You receive all the necessary elements for a successful implementation and the Switzercloud promise of: Unpack, Plug-in, Start!

The Switzercloud. All the tools needed for your IoT applications

With the Switzercloud, you can easily implement any desired IoT application tailored to your customers or your own processes. You access our experience and of course that of our partners from the entire ecosystem.
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Position your business as an IoT service provider.
Lever flexibility to use the Switzercloud as your base IoT platform to offer existing services as well as build your own IoT offers tailored to your customers.

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