Colibird. Simple, smart and powerful IoT-Application

The perfect end-application for your Use Cases

On the Switzercloud, these and more IoT applications are already available for you.
Outdoor and indoor tracking
Push Buttons
Doors and windows
Indoor climate and air quality
outdoor security
industrial properties
Your Idea?

We regularly add new devices so that the Switzercloud offers our partners and users even more benefits

1 Adeunis Comfort
2 Adeunis Dry Contact (status only)
3 Adeunis Temp V2 (ARF8180BA)
4 Adeunis Pulse (2 Inputs, kWh)
5 AirWits R2
6 Adeunis Temp V3 (ARF8180BA)
7 Bosch Parking
8 Integra Calec STII
9 Comtac CM1
10 Comtac MS3
11 Comtac Teaser
12 Decentlab Outdoor Climate
13 Decentlab Indoor Ambiance Climate
14 Decentlab Level
15 Decentlab Total Solar Radiation
17 Landis+Gyr E350 Default
18 Elsys (ERS, ELT, EMS)
19 Elvaco CMa11L
20 GWF Water
21 Holley electricity meter
22 Avectris IR Head
23 Klax V1
24 Landis+Gyr T550 (Elvaco)
25 Netvox Activity Detection R311FA
26 Netvox Activity Zähler R311FB
27 Netvox Activity Timer R311FC
28 Netvox Light Sensor Indoor R311G
29 Netvox Water Leckage R311W
30 Netvox Temperature/Humidity R711
31 Netvox Temperature/Humidity R712/R718A/R718AB/R720A
32 Netvox Light Sensor Outdoor R718G
33 Netvox Activity Timer R718MBC
34 Netvox Water Leckage R718WA2
35 Netvox Smoke Detector RA02A
36 Netvox Push Button RB02I
37 Parametric PCR2-EU868-OD
38 Sensative Strips
39 Sensoneo Single V3
40 Siconia Multi App (FPort 22)
41 Siemens UH50 (Elvaco)
42 Tabs Button
43 Tabs Door&Window
44 Tabs Home&Healthy
45 Tabs Locator indoor
46 Tabs Motion
47 Tekelek Tank Sensor
48 Tetraedre MBUS-to-LoRaWAN
49 UrsalinkUC11-T1
50 Digital Matter Yabby GPS Sensor
51 ZENNER Heat Cost Allocator
52 ZENNER Water Meter

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Your IoT-Applications. Wherever – whenever.

Colibird is the right end-to-end application for many IoT applications.

Sensor data such as temperature, humidity, door contacts, energy data, positions and others can be accessed up to the minute with Colibird and customized to your preferred degree of detail.

Always up to date

Colibird knows when something is not as it should be and, thanks to the integrated monitoring and notification system, automatically informs you straight away.

Well done!

But this is just a demo button. Do you want to see it live? Contact us.

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The most important. Just a click away

Create specific, comprehensive dashboards of your assets with just a few clicks and stay informed.

Colibird – a team player

A sophisticated user and authorization system allows you to create new users, grant access approval and compare your own property with others in no time.

Whenever you want. Wherever you want

Colibird runs on the Switzercloud for all modern browsers. Forget about installations, updates, drivers, etc.
It does not matter how many IoT devices you have - Colibird is compatible. From the single sensor in your living room to the fully automatic IoT tracking of your entire real estate portfolio or your city.

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What is Colibird

Colibird belongs to the company Simple Complex GmbH. Exclusive distribution partner for Colibird is the company Brunata AG.

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