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Choose smartly. Choose IoT

Rapidly gaining popularity, IoT is still a relatively new technology that comes with a whirlwind of information, market predictions and unsolved challenges. Ambitious projects are springing up like mushrooms and we increasingly hear promising IoT buzzwords in all corners of the world.
Anne van Gemert, Independent Consultant, Niederlande.
Anne van Gemert
Since my unexpected introduction to IoT and LoRaWAN technology some six years ago, I gradually but steadily immersed myself in this fascinating world. I remember very clearly what it felt like to be clueless to not only the technology itself but also to the rather complex B2B dynamics behind the IoT business.

Nowadays, when people ask me how IoT works and what it is good for, I therefore try to be as concrete as possible and to focus on all the positive effects IoT has on our planet, work and daily lives. To me, choosing to follow IoT has been one of my most positive professional decisions so far. It has opened up incredible opportunities, significantly improved my understanding of the tech business in general and introduced me to some of the most brilliant and inspiring minds. Though there are countless of reasons to join me and others on this journey, I’d like to reveal to you some of the most noteworthy ones.

IoT delivers results

Firstly, IoT contributes to making the world a better place. Sure, most companies and public bodies claim to do so in this day and age. After all, everything is about making an impact, creating a sustainable environment and improving people’s lives. But, IoT delivers results.

Numerous real-life applications out there demonstrate the positive footprint IoT leaves in agriculture, urban areas, public facilities, industries and even homes. The way this is done, is by connecting small objects, called sensors, to an IoT network. From thereon, any kind of information (data) can be sent into the cloud to applications where the information can be interpreted. Why is the interpretation of this data so important? Well, data equals knowledge which leads to decision making. Industries wishing to optimize their processes, enterprises looking to improve worker efficiency and safety or cities wanting to increase their citizen’s quality of life; all of them greatly benefit from IoT. A welcome addition is that a fully secure network and its sensors are easy to install, are cost-effective and can last for years without maintenance.

Making our cities smarter

IoT, in particular LPWAN, is made for massive industrial deployments. This may make it harder for a layman to comprehend what an IoT solution looks like. While a port, warehouse or oil & gas plant indeed aren’t exactly sites we visit daily, there is a great example of a place where IoT is visible and accessible: our own city. A closer look at our neighbourhood reveals much of what IoT applications can mean for us and our community. Over the past years, IoT has transformed entire cities around the world to make them smart.
A Smart City is a digitally connected area in which data is used to make fast decisions in every aspect of that area to improve citizen’s quality of life. Think about a parking spot informing you that it’s occupied, traffic lights that can communicate when they’re out of service and smart streetlights that know when to turn on and off according to ambient conditions, hence only consuming energy when needed. Similarly, a smart city can regulate our air quality, traffic noise and water safety. This environmental monitoring greatly improves our daily comfort and can reduce health related issues. One and the same network across a city offers access to thousands of smart devices that can provide data continuously. Imagine just how much easier it becomes for city services to gain knowledge about anything going on, to implement measures based on actual data and, eventually, contribute to people’s wellbeing and to comply to regulations.

Building Digital Bridges

Another benefit of IoT is that it’s right at the heart of digitalization and responds to today’s need for fast, easy, reliable and automized workflows. Even if IoT is made out of a hardcore piece of technology, what counts more to the broader audience and end users are the incredibly interesting use cases this technology enables. Reducing water loss in utility projects, optimizing complex global logistics, or enabling a farm to modernize its workflow; with IoT nearly anything can be digitalised. This worldwide digital transformation allows IoT players to build a digital bridge between themselves and their end customers. The competitive advantages this enables are infinite. As a result, the market is flourishing, and new initiatives are taken every day by entrepreneurs around the world.

You can join a very promising journey

This brings me to my last point, namely the dynamic and ambitious ecosystem IoT is surrounded by. A countless number of start-ups, middle and large sized companies, governments and professionals are out there striving to leverage IoT’s huge potential. Thanks to a rich value chain, the range of IoT players is broad. Hardware manufacturers, application builders, network providers, system integrators, marketing agencies, event managers, you name it. Not to mention the various research and advisory firms as well as data analysts and media that are eager to hitch themselves to this trend.
What’s more, all these players are looking for new talent to join their teams. Whether you know how IoT works or not, whether or not you have an engineering or IT background, there’s ample opportunity. Yes there are complexities that might dissuade you, but there are also so many rewards waiting for those brave enough to reach out for them. As I used to say when I joined the IoT journey those not-so-many years ago: “If I can learn this, anyone can”.
Always wanted a thrilling experience in a booming business where brilliant minds strive to leave an ethical and sustainable footprint in business and society? Look no further; IoT has everything to offer. If you’d like to learn more about IoT for your company or for your own goals, take a look at organisations and alliances with a track record in IoT that work with companies around the globe. Examples are the LoRa Alliance, the IoT World Alliance and IEEE Standards Association.

Are you ready to embark upon your IoT journey?


European and global citizen at heart, Anne is an internationally skilled digital marketeer with solid expertise with the Internet of Things and LoRaWAN technology in particular. Her passion lies in helping companies succeed with their go-to-market strategy and scale their business in the incredibly promising IoT market. Most recently, Anne worked for the global technology alliance, LoRa Alliance, where she drove various vertical and marketing work groups composed of renowned industry experts. In addition to this role, she drove the Alliance’s content strategy to simplify IoT and LoRaWAN messaging to a broader audience. Prior to this Anne served Actility’s marketing team for over four years and managed a broad portfolio of clients at a European PR agency.

Anne is an ambitious professional with a passion for international business and relations, specifically in the technology sector. She holds a double master’s degree and speaks four languages fluently.

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