Silo info at your fingertips

The effortless and safe way to monitor silo levels

This complete end-to-end solution brings reliable fill level data from your silos to your fingertips. The need for manual inspection is removed, maximising ease-of-operation and eliminating guesswork. Perfect for grains, feedstuff, pellets, sand, gravel and more.

Solution benefits include

  • Delivery and fitment of the IoT sensors in the silos
  • Commissioning and testing of the solution
  • Automatically updated reporting of silo levels
  • Data visualization including notifications
  • Years of autonomy from battery-powered and wireless sensors

Switzercloud IoT Kit NR. 20001
Technology: LoRaWAN®

Unpack. Plug-in. Start!

IoT Switzercloud Kit XX001

Your important info. Just a click away

Using Colibird on the Switzercloud, create specific, comprehensive dashboards of your facilities with just a few clicks and be keep informed thanks to the fully automated notification system.

With IoT to Smarter SILOS and resupply

Optimise refillling activities, cut operational costs and reduce hazardous silo audits.
Füllstände und Pegel
Füllstände und Pegel

Our offer. Your value

Take your first step towards digitalisation

The Internet of Things also needs Things

We rely on our partner Terabee

Sensoneo Single

Terabee Level Monitoring XL sensor

Technology: LoRaWAN®
Terabee LED Time-of-Flight technology ensures that small to the largest silos can be efficiently monitored. The battery powered, low energy design provides years of carefree autonomy, monitoring diverse materials for agriculture, construction as well as liquids.
  • Diverse applications eg. feed, grains, pellets, gravel, sand, fuels and chemical substances.
  • No cabling required means quick installation, reduced costs and easy deployment
  • Supports ranges from 0.5m to 60m

Better Together. Thanks to our ecosystem

Logo Terabee

About Terabee

Terabee are leaders in Time-of-Flight sensing. Sensor modules, embedded software, and ready-to-deploy solutions for systems integrators, make Terabee the partner of choice for LiDAR, 3D depth sensing, low-resolution thermal imaging and radiofrequency positioning systems.
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About Brunata AG

Brunata AG as operator of the Switzercloud offers IoT consulting and develops innovative and scalable IoT end-to-end solutions for cities, service companies and energy providers. The offer is based on various low power WAN technologies such as LoRaWAN®, Sigfox and mobile communications.

Something for you customers?

Suitable for waste disposal companies, energy suppliers
and other integrators

Use this solution with your customers and help them take a step towards becoming a Smart City. Additionally, position yourself as an IoT service provider in your region. Due to the flexibility of the Switzercloud as a base IoT platform, you can create your own IoT offerings at any time, tailored to your customers needs.
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