Medical cabinets under IoT control

Comply with regulations with a single click

This IoT package ensures that all medication is kept at ideal temperature and humidity. Technical services are immediately informed when values are no longer within the legally prescribed range and can react accordingly.

Our Offering

  • IoT Sensors
  • With or without LoRaWAN© Gateway
  • Monitor values visually, with notifications and reporting
  • Ready-to-go reporting for Swissmedic

Switzercloud IoT Kit Nr. 10001
Technology: LoRaWAN®

Unpack. Plug-In. Start

IoT Switzercloud Kit 4001


Using Colibird on the Switzercloud, create specific, comprehensive dashboards of your facilities with just a few clicks and be keep informed thanks to the fully automated notification system.

With IoT to smart medicine storage

Füllstände und Pegel
This IoT package saves you cabling installation costs and more. The devices connect wirellesly through ceilings and walls to deliver the data directly into the Switzercloud
Füllstände und Pegel

Your Customer Benefit

Freibad Smart City IoT
  • Better handling and
    more efficient processes
  • Trend analysis
    in quasi real-time
  • Compliance with Health
    and Safety regulations
  • Lower costs via more
    efficient maintenance
  • Automatic reports
    and notifications

Already in use

by Merian Iselin Clinic (BS)

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The Internet of Things also needs Things.

We rely on our Ecosystem

Adeunis EX-Temp

Adeunis Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Technology: LORAWAN®
This IoT device measures the temperature and humidity of the air, is battery operated and can be used in various applications and requires no installation. Data is sent wirelessly via LoRaWAN® to the gateway.
  • Set the desired limits easily yourself with just a few clicks.
  • Be periodically informed about the climate conditions inside your medical cabinets.

Tektelic Kona Micro Gateway (Indoor)

Technology: LoRaWAN®
The KONA Micro IoT Gateway is designed for buildings and smaller industrial applications where on-line connectivity for IoT solutions is required.
The gateway is pre-configured to connect to the Switzercloud and is the ideal hub for deploying IoT applications in areas where public LoRaWAN® coverage is not yet available. The Gateway is optionally available with an internal 3G / 4G modem and a built-in, four hour battery backup in the event of a site power outage.

Installation instructions

  • Size: 115 x 115 x 40 mm, operating temperature 0°C to +40°C
  • External LoRaWAN® Antenna
  • Protection class IP30
  • The gateway requires an internet connection via RJ45 and a power connection.
  • Ports HTTPS 443 and UDP 1680 are required to be open, if these ports are by default disabled by the firewall administrator.

Lets Partner

Position your business as an IoT service provider.
Lever flexibility to use the Switzercloud as your base IoT platform to offer existing services as well as build your own IoT offers tailored to your customers.

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