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Efficient monitoring, locating, roaming and more!

The ideal IoT solution for monitoring the status of your assets. With just a few clicks know where important items are located, such as vehicles, dumpsters, construction machines or other equipment. Verify if they're moving, stationary, with a customer or back inside your depot. Of course you are alerted when things arent as you expect.

All inclusive for the first year

  • Delivery of pre-configured IoT Sensors
  • Data transmission using LPWAN (Sigfox or LoRaWAN®)
  • Monitoring of objects including notifications
  • Data visualisation and reporting
  • All necessary licence fees & charges

Switzercloud IoT Kit Nr. 7001
Technology: LoRaWAN® or Sigfox

Unpack. Plug-in. Start

IoT Switzercloud Kit 7001

Your important Info. Just a click away

Using Colibird on the Switzercloud, create specific, comprehensive dashboards of your assets with just a few clicks and be keep informed thanks to the fully automated notification system.

From IoT to Smart Tracking

Füllstände und Pegel
This IoT package helps you manage inventory and improve operations. Whether locally, regionally or across the country.
GPS Positioning

Your Customer Benefits

Gps Position Bike
  • Manage your inventory more efficiently
  • Streamline maintenance schedules to avoid delays
  • Avoid replacing missing or lost equipment
  • Free your manpower from menial tasks
  • Receive alerts and take immediate action

Our Offer. Your Choice

Buy today. Find tomorrow.

  • Switzercloud LoRaWAN ©

    Logo Switzercloud

    You are using the LoRaWAN© community network on the Switzercloud or extend it with your own gateways. The best choice for Unpack. Plug-in. Start! Or it is strategically relevant for you.

    Swiss company Brunata AG is the provider and operator of the Switzercloud. Several Swiss utilities and other companies already form part of the Switzercloud network who additionally benefit from remaining operator-independant
    3 GPS IoT Devices


    7 GPS IoT Devices


    12 GPS IoT Devices


    Not sure which offer is best for you?
    Discuss this with us at any time, obligation free. Of course, we are also happy to support you for any other questions.
  • Swisscom LPN LoRaWAN ©

    Logo Swisscom

    Perhaps there's already LPN LoRaWAN® coverage where your IoT devices need to be connected. So the installation of gateways is not necessary. In many cases the option with the most optimal costs.

    Swisscom is the only nationwide-wide provider of LoRaWAN®. Cooperation with SBB, Swiss Post and others means coverage is continually growing.
    3 GPS IoT Devices


    7 GPS IoT Devices


    12 GPS IoT Devices


    Not sure which offer is best for you?
    Discuss this with us at any time, obligation free. Of course, we are also happy to support you for any other questions.
  • Heliot Sigfox

    Logo Heliot

    Your IoT devices communicate across Europe on a single network. Sigfox manages the roaming for you. The best choice for anything that moves at home and abroad.

    Lausanne (CH) based HELIoT SA is the exclusive Sigfox 0G network owner and operator for Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. Sigfox is the worlds first and leading provider of dedicated connectivitiy for the Internet of Things.

    3 GPS IoT Devices


    7 GPS IoT Devices


    12 GPS IoT Devices


    Not sure which offer is best for you?
    Discuss this with us at any time, obligation free. Of course, we are also happy to support you for any other questions.

All inclusive. 1 Year.

Our Switzercloud promise is "Unpack. Plug-in. Start". That's why this package includes all the necessary elements you need.
  • IoT GPS Trackers for mounting on important things
  • LoRaWAN® or Sigfox
  • Integration of all IoT devices into the Switzercloud applications
  • 1 year license fees for all necessary applications incl. Connectivity (from 36.- excl. VAT per device and per year)
All prices in CHF incl. the legal value added VAT tax and provided that the selected connectivity is available at the place of use.

The Internet of Things also needs Things.

We rely on Digital Matter.

Digital Matter GPS Positionsmelder

Digital Matter GPS "Oyster" Asset Tracker

Amount: 3 / 7 / 12
Technology: LoRaWAN®, Sigfox or NB-IoT
Digital Matter's Oyster is a very compact and robust GPS locator which discretely attaches to items such as machinery, trolleys, containers, bicycles, pallettes and more. Additionally, it has a motion sensor with a notification function making monitoring even simpler. This device can be simply integrated into your existing Switzercloud IoT solution.
  • Off-the-shelf AA Lithium batteries can last up to 5 years depending on the frequency of data sent.
  • You decide how often and when are you are informed about movement or inactivity.
  • The Oyster uses proven GPS and GLONASS satellites to determine position.

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Position your business as an IoT service provider.
Lever flexibility to use the Switzercloud as your base IoT platform to offer existing services as well as build your own IoT offers tailored to your customers.
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