Right climate for alert minds

The all-round worry-free package for your schoolroom

Ample oxygen, the right temperature, enough light and a few other factors affect our concentration and efficiency, also in learning and teaching. With this IoT solution you monitor the indoor climate in the schoolroom in next-to-real-time. Of course the teacher receives a notification immediately if something is no longer in the green. Equally important for the school management, the caretaker or the city owner, this data provides helpful insights.

Monitored factors in this package

  • Temperature & Humidity
  • CO2 & VOC (Airborn Particles)
  • Brightness & Motion Detection
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Combinable with Door & Window Sensors

Switzercloud IoT Kit Nr. 6001
Technology: LoRaWAN®

Unpack. Plug-in. Start!

IoT Switzercloud Kit 6001


Using Colibird on the Switzercloud, create specific, comprehensive dashboards of your facilities with just a few clicks and be keep informed thanks to the fully automated notification system.

With IoT to better schools and greater knowledge

By improving the air quality, learning ability and performance can increase by as much as 7% to 15%.
Temperatur and Humidty
Füllstände und Pegel

Our offer. Your benefit

An investment in the education of young people and students

  • Switzercloud LoRaWAN ©

    Logo Switzercloud

    You are using the LoRaWAN© community network on the Switzercloud or extend it with your own gateways. The best choice for Unpack. Plug-in. Start! Or it is strategically relevant for you.

    Swiss company Brunata AG is the provider and operator of the Switzercloud. Several Swiss utilities and other companies already form part of the Switzercloud network who additionally benefit from remaining operator-independant

    3 Devices


    10 Devices


    + 1 Indoor Gateway

    + 544.-

    Not sure which offer is best for you?
    Discuss this with us at any time, obligation free. Of course, we are also happy to support you for any other questions.
  • Swisscom LPN LoRaWAN ©

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    Perhaps there's already LPN LoRaWAN® coverage where your IoT devices need to be connected. So the installation of gateways is not necessary. In many cases the option with the most optimal costs.

    Swisscom is the only nationwide-wide provider of LoRaWAN®. Cooperation with SBB, Swiss Post and others means coverage is continually growing.

    3 Devices


    10 Devices


    + 1 Indoor Gateway

    + 300.-

    Not sure which offer is best for you?
    Discuss this with us at any time, obligation free. Of course, we are also happy to support you for any other questions.
All prices in CHF incl. the legal value added VAT tax. The Indoor Gateway is only necessary if coverage is not available. For larger school areas, multiple gateways may be required.

All inclusive. 1 year.

Our Switzercloud promise is "Unpack. Plug-in. Start".
That's why this package includes all the necessary elements you need.
  • IoT climate sensors for the schoolroom
  • IoT gateways when required
  • Integration of all IoT devices into the Switzercloud and other applications
  • Project Management, Training & Support
  • 1 year license fees for all necessary applications including Connectivity (from 36.- per Device excl. VAT)

All prices in CHF incl. 7.7% VAT and provided that the selected connectivity is available at the place of use. The indicated price is valid for the integration into the Switzercloud LoRaWAN © . You will receive the package prices for all other connection technologies from us or your partner. The indoor gateway is necessary as a receiver, should not be received. For larger schools, multiple gateways may be required.

The Internet of Things also needs Things.

We rely on Decentlab.

Decentlab Indoor Klimaüberwachung

Decentlab Indoor Climate Monitor

Quantity: 3 or 10
Technology: LoRaWAN®
Make sure the air quality stays within healthy levels and your customers feel comfortable. The Switzercloud informs you about unfavorable conditions in connection with the relevant climate in buildings. In addition, the device monitors the room for detected motion.
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • CO2 & VOC (Airborne Particle Matter)
  • Brightness
  • Motion Detection
  • Set the desired limits easily yourself with just a few clicks.
  • Get real-time information about the current conditions in your offices or meeting rooms.

Better Together. Thanks to our Ecosystem

Logo Decentlab
Decentlab is a Swiss company delivering high quality wireless measurement and sensor devices.
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Brunata AG develops innovative and scalable IoT end-to-end solutions for cities, service companies and utilities.

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