Satisfied customers with End-to-End solutions

A service is the product of various individual components which support an end user in their tasks. A well-functioning solution is expected to work out of the box and not be hard to set-up. The Switzercloud brings together all the necessary components and is the central IoT platform for a wide variety of end-to-end services.
End to End Approach IoT
  • Sensors & Actuators

    An important part of the Internet of Things are the things. There are many vendors and manufacturers which constantly develop new devices and bring them to the market. We attach great importance on secure and reliable devices. Our customers are assured that we seek the right device in the market and integrate it into their application. Also, together with the customer, we can develop new devices - from initial concept to prototypes to a market-ready product.
  • Connectivity

    Our network servers are optimized for hybrid and highly scalable "inside-out" LoRaWAN network installations to monitor millions of gateways and billions of sensors.
  • IoT Cloud Platform

    Any application installed on the Switzercloud adds value to you as a data owner by interacting with other applications also on the cloud. The Switzercloud supports you in collecting, decrypting and saving the data on a purposefully developed IoT platform.
  • End-Application

    The end-application visualizes your data or makes it available to you and your customers in an intelligible form. Of course, we can also transfer the data directly to one of your systems outside the Switzercloud. You determine the vertical integration. We take care of the implementation.
  • Service Provider

    The greatest benefit for the customer arises when these elements are linked together as a solution. With the Switzercloud any IoT solution can be realized. Some end-to-end IoT solutions are already finished and available to you on the Switzercloud. With an end-to-end solution, customers receive all the required parts for a successful implementation and the Switzercloud promise that goes with it: Unpack, Plug-in, Start!
    Various Switzercloud partners position themselves as IoT service providers. Due to the flexibility of Switzercloud as a base IoT platform, they offer existing services or create their own IoT offerings tailored to their customers.

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