Uncover water leaks immediately

No more water issues in your basement or other places

With this IoT solution, you no longer have to worry about water damage. Why? Because you will be informed immediately as soon as water is detected. This solution is ideal for basements and other dry spaces. You can compare it to an insurance - with the difference that you will be informed about the problem immediately. You can react before the damage even occurs.

Solution advantages

  • Zero cabling required
  • Pre-configured and ready-to-use
  • Status monitoring with visualization, notifications and reporting
  • Up to 10 years battery operation life

Switzercloud IoT Kit Nr. 17001
Technology: LoRaWAN®

UNpack. Plug-in. Start!

IoT Switzercloud Kit 17001 Leakage


Using Colibird on the Switzercloud, create specific, comprehensive dashboards of your systems with just a few clicks and be keep informed thanks to the fully automated notification system.

Ensure Dry Storage with IoT

Füllstände und Pegel
With this IoT package you save on cabling installation costs and intrusion. The devices can be reached through walls into basements by radio to deliver measured data directly to the Switzercloud.
Water Leakage

Your Customer Benefits

Basement Vegetables
  • Protect valuable items
  • No more drying basement floors
    and filling water buckets
  • Reduce inspection rounds
    for building maintenance
  • Automatic reports
    and notifications
  • Including temperature and humidity sensor
    for additional climate monitoring

Our Offer. Your Advantage

Ensure your space stays dry and safe

The Internet of Things also needs Things.

We rely on our Ecosystem.

Milesight EM 300

Milesight EM300-SLD/ZLD - SPOT/ZONE Leakage Detector

Technology: LORAWAN®
This IoT device is perfectly suited in both indoor and outdoor applications to protect areas that are sensitive to damage by water or other liquids. It monitors a specific spot or zone and when triggered, sends the data wirelessly via LoRaWAN® to the Switzercloud.
  • Your choice of Spot or Zone monitoring
  • Also measures Temperature & Humidity
  • Up to 10 years of battery life
  • IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof enclosure
  • Simply set the desired limit values yourself with a few clicks
  • Receive notifications in real-time - know exactly when to take action

Lets Partner

Position your business as an IoT service provider.
Lever flexibility to use the Switzercloud as your base IoT platform to offer existing services as well as build your own IoT offers tailored to your customers.

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