What is LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN® (LOng RAnge Wide Area Network) is a wireless and energy-efficient LPWAN (Low Power WAN) protocol suited for IoT solutions. Levering its energy-efficient properties, measured data can be read from sensors and commands can be sent to IoT devices.
  • Range

    With LoRaWAN® data can be transmitted wirelessly over several kilometres and can penetrate deep into buildings and basements. Topography such as hills, buildings and other objects can have an impact on actual range. Especially with indoor applications below ground level, achievable distances are often reduced to less than 1km. However, this is still superior when compared to other existing wireless technologies.
  • Energy Requirements

    IoT devices and LoRaWAN® technology itself, requires very little power during operation. Many sensors are battery-powered and work for up to 10 years or more without battery replacement. The achievable lifetime depends on the amount of data, the frequency of tansmission and the radio quality.
  • ISM Band

    An ISM frequency band is license-free for use and is used in many everyday applications such as garage door controls or home baby monitors. The ISM frequency range of LoRaWAN® in Europe is around 868 MHz. In other countries, the frequencies are different, but always below 1'000 MHz.
  • Cost Structure

    One-time only prices for LoRaWAN® IoT devices range between 20.- and around 350.- Swiss Francs. For very specific applications & high-quality measuring devices, prices start from around 500 CHF. Operationally, the connection cost of a LoRaWAN ™ device is around CHF 10.- per year and hLoRaWAN® cheaper, for example, than a SIM subscription.
  • Ecosystem

    More and more hardware or software manufacturers and suppliers are members of the international, non-profit organization, The LoRa® Alliance. This fast growing community of over 500 members is responsible for the further development of LoRaWAN®.
  • Ownership of LoRaWAN®

    The LoRaWAN® specification, set by the LoRa® Alliance, is freely available and uses a proprietary and patented transmission method called LoRa® from Semtech Corporation.

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