Performant Silo Monitoring

Swiss IoT solutions provider Brunata AG with French level sensing hardware developer, Terabee, join forces to digitalise silo level monitoring in Switzerland.

The companies have combined pioneering Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensing technology with Switzercloud's IoT platform to create a complete end-to-end offering for the agricultural industry.

November 2021

Digitalising livestock feed silos

The Switzercloud Team was asked to help solve a problem with obtaining reliable information about livestock feed silos on a Swiss farm. Critically, the solution needed to reliably send data from rural areas. After careful consideration, Terabee was chosen as the right partner for the task and the IoT solution was created. As the operator of Switzercloud, Brunata deployed Terabee sensors to make livestock feed calculations more accurate and help minimise issues with the supply ordering process. The solution monitors levels in next-to-real-time, is simple to share data with multiple stakeholders and is easy enough for farm staff to use.


Michel Bonetti

Head of Sales, TERABEE

Since the very start of our activities together, Brunata has impressed me with their clear market approach that they take with LPWAN & specifically LoRa technology as well as their immediate understanding of the advantages of our technology and our products. Our collaboration has created a straightforward yet powerful offering with immediate benefits to agricultural companies and we look forward to developing the Swiss market further together.

Roberts Rabcevkis

Product Manager, TERABEE

Entering into a Better Together partnership with Brunata just made good sense. The team seamlessly integrated our Terabee silo sensor into their Switzercloud IoT ecosystem with zero fuss and the benefit was immediately seen. Within minutes of installing our sensor onsite with the customer, silo level data flowed into the Switzercloud and was viewed on the farm managers smart device.

Val Jelinic

IoT Solutions and Ecosystem Lead at Brunata AG

Collaborating with the team at Terabee was a real pleasure. They were there with us for every step of the way - helping us deliver high value. Combining Terabee's level sensing technology with Brunata's Switzercloud platform means that our customers in the Swiss agricultural sector can also benefit from the same value that IoT and digitalisation delivers to other more established sectors like Smart Cities and Smart Buildings.

The first joint offer

The two companies have launched a new Switzercloud offering based on the promise of "Unpack, Plug in, Run" with the same high quality and value to customers as existing Switzercloud solutions.

Better Together

Seamless integration, increased value


Accurate level monitoring that eliminates guesswork and ensures feed levels are as they need to be. Facilitate timely feed ordering and delivery.

Terabee XL Monitoring


Optimise your feed monitoring & replenishment

Better Together

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Terabee are leaders in Time-of-Flight sensing. Sensor modules, embedded software, and ready-to-deploy solutions for systems integrators, make Terabee the partner of choice for LiDAR, 3D depth sensing, low-resolution thermal imaging and radiofrequency positioning systems.
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About Brunata AG

Brunata AG as operator of the Switzercloud offers IoT consulting and develops innovative and scalable IoT end-to-end solutions for cities, service companies and energy providers. The offer is based on various low power WAN technologies such as LoRaWAN®, Sigfox and mobile communications.

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