Swisscom and ZENNER Connect combine their IoT offer on the Switzercloud into an integrated solution

ZENNER Connect AG has entered into a partnership with the leading Swiss communication provider Swisscom to simplify the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Both companies are strengthening their position as leading IoT providers in Switzerland and beyond.

Oktober 2019

The entire IoT solution is now available from a single supplier

At the heart of this collaboration is the developed interface between the LPN network (LoRaWAN©) from Swisscom and the Switzercloud IoT platform from ZENNER Connect. Users can now receive the complete Switzercloud IoT solution on the nationwide-wide LoRaWAN© network from Swisscom. This eliminates the need to install any additional radio equipment thereby reducing the total cost.
As a result, customers now can receive the entire application from a single source. From IoT device, integration on the Swisscom network to the intuitive and clear dashboard view on the Switzercloud. "This is called end-to-end in the IoT environment and is one of our key strengths," says Val Jelinic, IoT Solutions and Ecosystem Lead at ZENNER Connect. "In addition to Sigfox, NB-IoT and other LoRaWAN®️ networks, we now also offer connectivity to Swisscom's LPN on the Switzercloud, underlining our open approach towards customer-requested connectivity technology."

Joint offer now available

As part of this expansion, ZENNER Connect and the Switzercloud ecosystem are launching their first smart waste management offering, taking advantage of the natiowide LoRaWAN© coverage.
Thanks to various developed interfaces, connectivity providers such as Swisscom can expand their own customer offering by connecting their environment to the Switzercloud IoT platform. The following interfaces are now available: Actility, Loriot, ELEMENT LNS, TrackCentral, Sigfox, NB-IoT and other LTE variants. If desired, customers can still choose to operate their own LoRaWAN© network on the Switzercloud.

Better Together

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Swisscom is Switzerland's leading telecommunications provider and one of the leading companies in IT & IoT. Swisscom is the only nationwide-wide provider of LoRaWAN©. Partnering with SBB, Swiss Post and others means coverage is continually growing.
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ZENNER Connect AG provides IoT consulting and develops innovative and scalable IoT end-to-end solutions for cities, service companies and utilities. ZENNER Connect customers and partners have at their disposal a complete package of sensors and devices as well as communication networks and comprehensive end applications.
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Sensoneo is revolutionizing the way waste is handled. The solution combines intelligent ultrasonic sensors that detect waste in real time using sophisticated software. Sensoneo provides both cities and businesses with analysis that can be used for data-driven decision-making to optimize waste collection routes, pick-up frequencies and vehicle loads.
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