The Switzercloud makes it easier to manage my parking spaces efficiently

SH POWER in Canton Schaffhausen, Switzerland is a good example of how energy providers with practical IoT experience position themselves as providers of smart city applications. Towards this goal, SH POWER chose a smart parking solution from Switzercloud. In and around SH POWER headquarters in Schaffhausen, there are over 50 parking spaces managed by the utility itself, some of which include rentals to third parties. Regularly there are days when no parking is available. Sometimes the spaces are misused and frequently parking spaces remain occupied by users for several days.
Wishing to make the parking area more efficient, SH POWER decided to fix 52 robust and reliable IoT parking sensors directly onto the parking spaces. The Switzercloud receives usage data via LoRaWAN® connectivity and presents it clearly in the platform's end application, Colibird. Based on the reported data, SH POWER can now make decisions that increase efficiency. For example, posted signs and notices help improve utilization of the spaces. Alternative parking models can also be considered, such as making inactive parking spaces available for rent by third parties during specific times. Finally but importantly, SH POWER can analyze and compare parking data with electric vehicle charging cycles, thereby exploit efficiency potential even further.
Altogether, SH POWER not only solved a specific problem via this practical start but also gained useful IoT knowledge to apply to other potential areas of interest. Examples include monitoring air quality and noise pollution, recording energy consumption in buildings and properties as well as tracking and locating all kinds of assets. In this way, SH POWER is helping the city of Schaffhausen on its way to becoming a smarter city.


With a few simple clicks from any smart device, SH POWER can access their complete parking overview anytime and anywhere thanks to Colibird, the integrated visualization tool from Switzercloud.

Customers Opinion

Patrick Bartholome

Patrick Bartholome, Assistant Energy and Environment Technology
SH POWER, Schaffhausen

Thanks to the Switzercloud, our parking spaces are managed more efficiently and we gain insights into usage patterns and trends. The Switzercloud's intuitive display enables us to make decisions based on easily accessible data. This means that we can offer a better service to our tenants, guests and other users.

Based on this project experience, we will explore further ways to expand our smart offerings and thus help the city of Schaffhausen and its residents to become a smarter city.

IoT Partner Opinion

Nicolas Gerybadze, Sales and Marketing
Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions

The open system approach of the Switzercloud with parking sensors from Bosch is a good example of how an efficient parking concept can be extremely simple. The SH POWER project clearly shows how energy suppliers can play an important role in smart city projects.
An integrator or customer only needs a few clicks on the Switzercloud to integrate our sensors into their own IoT environment. This enables us to realise the smart city together.
Patrick Bartholome

Switzercloud relies on strong
Integrators and Partners.

IoT-Sensor Partner

The Switzercloud relies on flawless IoT devices made by trusted partners from around the world. For this Smart Parking solution, we rely on IoT devices from our partner Bosch.
The simple retrofit solution is suitable for indoor & outdoor parking and is fixed directly onto the parking space.

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