IoT Solution for Monitoring Systems

I immediately receive an automatic voice message or SMS in the event of a fault on my system.

Consisting of 3'500 inhabitants, the municipality of Moosseedorf in canton Bern maintains numerous facilities which require constant monitoring. Thus far, faults have been recorded directly on the respective system and transmitted to the person in charge via SMS over the 2G network. However, this technology is out of date and Moosseedorf has been looking for a replacement solution.

In the end, the municipality chose a smart and unique solution using LoRaWAN® technology on the Switzercloud. The existing transmission modules were replaced with LoRaWAN® devices. As soon as the system detects a fault, it is sent to the Switzercloud via the municipality's own LoRaWAN® network and processed further. From here, the escalation process defined by Mosseedorf comes into play. The Switzercloud can send SMSes, make calls with voice messages, acknowledge alarms and much more. Conveniently, the system is easily restarted remotely by the Switzercloud and staff receive a confirmation when everything is working correctly again. The result is greatly reduced number of unnecessary on-site visits.

The same solution also monitors cooling systems at outdoor swimming locations, levels of wastewater in pumping stations, heating issues in school buildings and faults in woodchip heating systems.

Alarm Management has never been easier!

Thanks to evalink from Sitasys. Depending on the situation and event, the right group of people are automatically informed and can react.

Customers Opinion

Jonas Boronka, Deputy Head of Construction
Moosseedorf Municipality

Since May 2019 we have been using the Switzercloud as a standard IoT platform with its diverse interfaces and applications. For example, we can read various meters precisely and conveniently from the office on the PC. Furthermore we receive fault reports from various devices and controls (pumping stations, heaters, etc.) and can forward them to employees by phone call or recorded message with the option for them to reply with an acknowledgement.

With the Switzercloud we are equipped for the future and have many expansion options to also increase efficiency in other areas of the community.

Integrators Opinion

David Payer, Head of Industrial Automation
Intech-ICS AG

Due to its vast experience in the field of alarm and fault reporting technology, INTECH-ICS AG was able to contribute its know-how to this conversion. Together with Brunata AG, the choice of I / O LoRaWAN® devices for DIN rails was made and the installation was carried out on site. We thank Sitasys AG for its successful collaboration with the municipality of Moosseedorf and Brunata AG.

Partners Opinion

Lukas Kaiser, Chief Product Officer
Sitasys AG

Using our evalink talos, we process the incoming messages from the ATIM devices then carry out automated action plans accordingly. Via SMS, telephone and e-mail integration, evalink talos notifies the correct people and thus ensures a smooth flow of information. The cooperation with Brunata AG worked flawlessly. Thanks to the open standards, the great communication and our open platform, we were able to get Moosseedorf up & running with evalink talos in a very short time.

The Switzercloud relies on strong integrators and partners.

Better Together. Thanks to our Ecosystem.

Solution Partner

INTECH-ICS AG develops, produces and sells innovative products and systems for the security needs of our time. The following areas belong to the specialty areas: physical personal and property protection, lifting and sliding windows, locker systems, access and isolation solutions, mobile banking systems, smart digital automation, automation and control solutions.
Logo Sitasys
Sitasys AG, one of our partner companies, is an innovative Swiss company in the field of cloud-based alarm management systems. They offer their customers an extremely innovative platform called evalink. Evalink services help to set up and operate an alarm transmission infrastructure, to manage alarms, tp mobilize teams and to report. Alarm management has never been easier!
Logo Brunata
Brunata AG develops innovative and scalable IoT end-to-end solutions for cities, service companies and utilities. Brunata customers and partners enjoy complete packages of sensors and devices as well as communication networks and comprehensive end-use applications. The Switzercloud is an IoT offer by Brunata AG.

IoT Sensor Partner

Switzercloud depends on error-free IoT devices that are manufactured by reliable partners from all over the world. For this mobile energy rental solution, we rely on ATIM IoT devices.
ATIM Inputs Dry contacts
Inputs dry contacts / metering

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