IoT Solution for Remote Heating Control

I remotely control and regulate the apartment's heating and save energy.

It is estimated that holiday apartments are used for around ten weeks a year, if they are not also rented out to third parties. In the mountains in particular, you want your apartment to be warm when you "move in" just for weekend. There are basically only two ways to achieve this goal. Either the heating simply runs all the time or you opt for an intelligent, remotely contriolled solution. The first variant requires a lot of unneccesary heating energy, costs more money and is probably harmful to the environment. Our customer has an apartment in Lenzerheide and chose the more intelligent IoT variant on the Switzercloud.

The principle is very simple: in every room there is a sensor that sends the temperature and humidity of the room to the Switzercloud via LoRaWAN®. As long as the temperature is the desired value, nothing happens. If the temperature falls below the desired value, the Switzercloud sends a command via LoRaWAN® back to the heating unit located in the holiday apartment basement. Once the room is heated to the desired temperature, the Switzercloud then sends a stop command to the heating unit thereby automatically regulating room temperature. But how can the owner switch off the heating remotely to save energy? Quite simply by lowering the desired temperature on the Switzercloud. The rest is done by the Switzercloud.

In addition, we integrated the outdoor air conditioning unit and a few water and heat meters into the IoT solution for the customer. In this way, the owner always knows the current weather situation in Lenzerheide and can use the measurement data from the energy meters to invoice the heating costs. The owner clearly sees all the data in graphics and is informed by email or SMS if something is not as it should be.

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Colibird, the integrated visualization tool on the Switzercloud, provides an overview of the current situation in the holiday home from anywhere, at any time.

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