IoT Solution in the City of Bremgarten, Canton Aargau

With the Switzercloud I always have access from anywhere to my energy data and other Smart City applications.

The topics of Energy Efficiency and Smart Cities are equally important for small as well as large cities. As it is also for the City of Bremgarten in the Canton of Aargau. Three years ago, as an "early adopter", the city started an IoT pilot project at one of their school facilities. The experience gained from that project showed the city that IoT reduces costs and increases energy efficiency. Following the completion of the pilot, the City of Bremgarten opted for the IoT solution on the Switzercloud and chose Brunata AG as its IoT partner. The Switzercloud solution contains all the necessary elements required such as IoT devices, connectivity via LoRaWAN®, secure data processing & storage as well as an intuitive data visualization on the Switzercloud.

Further to the energy data from around 30 properties in the increasingly Smart City of Bremgarten, additional IoT data from the buildings is received and processed on the Switzercloud such as temperature, humidity and CO2.

desired degree of detail at anytime and from anywhere

Energy consumption of several properties, combined in a single diagram.

Key info at a glance

In a single building, multiple IoT devices collect different data values.

The snapshot summary of all values saves time and provides an excellent overview of the current situation.

Customer Opinion

Daniel Sommerhalder
City Council of the city of Bremgarten

With just one click, large parts of the energy data from our buildings can be retrieved in real time - thanks to Colibird and the Switzercloud. Smart City is not just a buzzword for the city of Bremgarten, but an important focal point of the current legislature. With the great support of Brunata AG, we are getting a little closer to this goal every day!

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