IoT Solution at Auberge communale de Léchelles, Canton Fribourg

Switzercloud fulfills compliancy regulations for me and I can focus on the more important parts of my business - my customers

2-3 times a week, busy restaurateur and head chef Dominique Coispine follows government “self-audit” guidelines to manually check and log temperature readings of his refrigerator. Sometimes the reading is written down wrong, the task is incorrectly done or even overlooked. So it came as no surprise that the culinary expert chose the Switzercloud Indoor IoT Kit to help him save time and effort to ensure his business was being compliant. A LoRaWAN© battery-powered sensor placed inside his refrigerator captures data about temperature variations on a regular basis and the individual readings are sent automatically to the Switzercloud IoT platform where data is securely processed & stored then intuitively visualized on an end-application, Colibird.

Colibird automatically creates weekly and monthly reports which Dominique can access anytime, from anywhere using any smart device. So that any important fluctuations aren’t missed, he gets alerts and notifications when user-set thresholds are exceeded. Conveniently, Dominique can provide relevant authorities with access to the same reports by simply sharing a web link with them. In this way, they can perform their compliance checks with reduced effort.

Thanks to the out-of-the-box simplicity of the Switzercloud platform, additional IoT applications are easy to add to the existing solution. By placing a motion sensor inside his refrigerator, whole new insights have been discovered about patterns of use, how often it is being accessed and for how long, cross-referenced with the impact on temperature. Results have been eye-opening. In future, the restaurateur plans to add further Switzercloud functionality such as alerting via SMS and email when the refrigerator door is accidentally left open for a pre-set period as well as adding visibility, reporting and alerting in storage rooms to ensure correct climate conditions for products such as cheese, dried fruits and cured meat foodstuffs.

Effortless Temperature Reporting Compliancy

Using the intuitive dashboard, temperature alerts are created and monthly reporting shared with just one click.

Colibird temperature reports are accessible from any smart device, from anywhere at anytime.
Note: Online reports are easily shared using Colibird's linksystem.

The most important part of a Switzercloud solution is the benefit it brings to the customer

Customers Opinion

Dominique Coispine, Restaurateur & Head Chef
Auberge communale de Léchelles

The Switzercloud Indoor IoT Kit was the perfect answer for my business. The sensors work straight out of the box. Accurate temperature readings are automatically taken all day, every day, freeing me to focus on the more important tasks of my business – taking care of my customers.

Additionally, it’s a win-win situation for the authorities too. They have 100% confidence that the recorded data is true and correct, and I have peace of mind knowing the monthly reports are accessible whenever the authorities want to view them.

Customer Benefits

  • The simplicity. Unpack, turn on and start recording temperature
  • No more errors and discrepancies based on manual readings
  • Fulfillment of government gastronomy requirements to log and record temperature data
  • Never miss a temperature event. Be immediately informed when preset temperature thresholds are exceeded.

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