Hunkeler Recycling Services and ZENNER Connect pave the way for IoT waste management in Smart Cities

Every week Hunkeler Recycling Service empties underground recycling containers in more than 100 cities and municipalities in Switzerland, focusing on efficiency and reliability. The company believes that innovative technology is needed to take the business to the next level of service.

July 2019

20% more efficiency in cities with intelligent waste management

Hunkeler Recycling Services and ZENNER Connect together explored ways to make processes more efficient for existing customers. Moreover, how Hunkeler Recycling Services could attract new customers. After some discussions and workshops, the right solution was found with the Switzercloud from ZENNER Connect. Now, a practice test in a real environment was needed. The City of Bremgarten in the Canton of Aargau was already a customer of ZENNER Connect and Hunkeler Recycling Service and expressed its willingness to participate. The city provided the recycling expert with several recycling recepticles to install the sensors. ZENNER Connect deliver the digital part of the project and integrated the IoT devices into the Switzercloud IoT platform via LoRaWAN©, where they are received, processed and clearly layed out for the customer. For the solution itself, the Switzercloud relies on EU-based partner Sensoneo, a leading technology provider for waste management solutions, including intelligent route planning.
After a few weeks, the project has already shown recognizable potential for all involved. Til now, recepticles are emptied weekly and on the same day. In future, recepticles could be emptied as needed thanks to the intelligent solution. The participants save 1-2 empytings per month, which results in time and cost savings. It is also important that it reduces CO2 and noise in cities. Hunkeler Recycling Service saves fuel and frees up time for service to other or new customers.

Joint offer now available

Based on their experience and obvious benefits, ZENNER Connect and Hunkeler Recycling Service are now offering an intelligent waste management solution to help other smart cities benefit from savings and better city services.
Sensoneo Sensor

Innovative Waste Management

Sensoneo is revolutionizing the way waste is handled. The solution combines intelligent ultrasonic sensors that detect waste in real time using sophisticated software. Sensoneo provides both cities and businesses with analysis that can be used for data-driven decision-making to optimize waste collection routes, pick-up frequencies and vehicle loads.
Sensoneo Sensor

Better Together

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Hunkeler Recycling Service AG specializes in environmental logistics and the transport of recycled goods. The company is the right partner for complete solutions for the disposal of tinplate, aluminum, glass, paper, pet, bulky goods, inert materials etc.
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ZENNER Connect AG provides IoT consulting and develops innovative and scalable IoT end-to-end solutions for cities, service companies and utilities. ZENNER Connect customers and partners have at their disposal a complete package of sensors and devices as well as communication networks and comprehensive end applications.

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