Mutual Success Through Our Ecosystem

IoT penetrates all industries, bringing change and innovation into existing and new business models. As IoT specialists, we deal with this diversity via our Ecosystem. We consciously and purposefully seek out partners with whom we can pool expertise to focus even more on the customer and their requirements.
Ecosystem IoT
  • Switzercloud Hosting & Operations

    The operators of the Switzercloud work closely with data center partners. The server infrastructure of the Switzercloud is located in Swiss data centers with several independent infeeds of 16kV medium voltage. The Swiss data center and the specialists who manage the Switzercloud are all ISO 27001 certified. All data is processed and stored exclusively in Switzerland.

    The Switzercloud's systems are monitored around the clock and, if necessary, we offer corresponding support packages. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA imposes specific and strict requirements on banks and insurance companies for the outsourcing of critical services. In addition to ISO 27001, the Switzercloud's data center partner complies with FINMA's outsourcing regulations.
  • LoRaWAN™ Network Server

    The Switzercloud network server is optimized for hybrid networks and highly scalable "inside-out" network installations to monitor millions of gateways and billions of sensors.
  • Data Communication

    Since the Switzercloud does not own and operate its own LoRaWAN ™ gateways, we work with network owners and have built interfaces into other network servers. Our partners include communications companies, utilities and others.
  • IoT Platform

    As a technology independent platform, the Switzercloud IoT platform can manage devices, sensors, actuators and gateways of different manufacturers and technologies. The platform serves as a central storage location and can handle data aggregation, visualization as well as device management and control.
  • End-Applications

    On the Switzercloud, various applications are run by different providers with the common goal of creating added value for all its users. These provide value such as cost savings, big data analytics and direct access to innovative solutions. Any application installed on the Switzercloud will add value to you as the owner of the data by interacting with other applications on the cloud.
  • IoT-Devices

    An important part of the Internet of Things are the things. The market is flooded by many suppliers and manufacturers. We attach great importance to reliable and secure devices. Whether for our customers or our ready-to-go Switzercloud packages, we search for and test the appropriate device and then integrate it into the Switzercloud.

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