The Switzercloud Network

In addition to many IoT end applications, the Switzercloud also has a LoRaWAN© network server. Our customers have freedom to install their own gateways and thus build an independent network or to use already existing networks. With every new gateway, the connectivity of the Switzercloud grows and with it so does its availability.
Switzercloud Netzwerk IoT
  • Sharing and Price Model

    Every gateway on the Switzercloud extends connectivity. This creates the advantage of sharing, because each Switzercloud user may at times use a foreign gateway to transport data. There are no recurring charges for operating LoRaWAN© gateways on the Switzercloud. The Switzercloud network is not a public network but the union of private small and larger networks.
  • Network Information

    LoRaWAN® utilises indoor or outdoor gateways set up in a star shape. The gateways receive the sensor data and forward it unchanged to the LoRaWAN® network server in the Switzercloud. There, they are first decrypted and handed over to the Switzercloud IoT platform for further processing.

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