What we do

We provide the central platform for your IoT-applications.

While you realize the opportunities of digitization in your company and develop concepts for exciting innovations, we take care of the safe operation of the application. On the Switzercloud, open and technology-independent applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) run under the smart anything approach. The Switzercloud processes and stores all your data exclusively in Switzerland and offers the highest possible security and availability. Be it for Smart City, Smart Light, Smart Building or Smart Anything.

Is your own or desired application not yet running on the Switzercloud? Talk to us about it.

Investments & Operating Costs

Using the Switzercloud eliminates the costs of server infrastructure, operation and maintenance of applications. The capital saved can be invested profitably in the development of innovative solutions to inspire your customers.

Upgrades & Updates

All Switzercloud applications run on the latest version. In order to guarantee you a high-performance IoT infrastructure without interruption, upgrades and updates are part of our core competence.

Know-how sharing

You benefit from cloud know-how. Logistics or tracking solutions with live tracking requires a well-developed communication network. The Switzercloud allows roaming between the different networks, of course always with data protection guaranteed. Extensions and improvements are available to everyone.

Choose the Switzercloud in Switzerland with a positive feeling for your data. And applications.

Cities and municipalities

You decide what the Switzercloud does with your data. After the secure and powerful processing, they are passed on to various applications of the Switzercloud. That is where the real benefit for your citizens comes from. And with that the smart city.


As an energy supplier, you need a high-performance solution with all the previous advantages and the foundation for a digitized future. Stay in the best position with the Switzercloud - as the operator of tomorrow's communities and cities. And a supplier of innovative solutions.


Companies from all sectors are involved in digitisation. Alongside terms such as IoT, Disruption or Industry 4.0, the cloud is a central element. If your digital business models are based on scaling with high availability requirements, the Switzercloud is the ideal infrastructure for realization.

Provider of IT applications

Bring your own application to the Switzercloud and become part of the ecosystem for Smart Cities. This increases the efficiency of cities and energy suppliers and opens up new cross selling possibilities for you as a provider of applications.

What we value

Only the best is good enough.

We do not spare any effort to process and store your data in Switzerland at least as securely as it is processed and stored by your own data centers.

Swiss data storage

Switzerland is an independent constitutional state, politically outside and geographically located in the middle of the European Union (EU). The Switzercloud is intended for companies within and without Switzerland and all data is processed and stored exclusively in Switzerland. The operating electricity is generated 100% from Swiss hydropower. Energy efficiency, flexibility and safety are our top priorities.

Certified according to ISO 27001

The server infrastructures of the Switzercloud are located in Swiss data centers with several independent feeds from the medium voltage level 16 kV. Several separate UPS systems and redundant mains backup systems with diesel generators provide additional reliability. The operator of the Swiss Datacenter and the Switzercloud management specialists are ISO 27001 certified.

Support 24 hours & 7 days

The systems of the Switzercloud are monitored around the clock and if necessary we offer appropriate support packages. Contact us if you would like even more comprehensive support for your critical infrastructure.

Complies with FINMA RS 08/7

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA imposes specific and strict requirements on banks and insurance companies for outsourcing critical services. In addition to ISO 27001, the Switzercloud datacenter company also complies with FINMA's outsourcing regulations.

Who we are

As reliable partner at your side.

ZENNER Connect

ZENNER Connect AG develops IoT solutions and accompanies companies with a digital change from the very beginning. The focus is on the development of innovative end-to-end solutions and customer-specific consulting.

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